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HCPPortals KnowledgeBase

Eliminate content silos Remain compliantDeliver data-driven contentBuilt for the Life Sciences

Cloud Technology Integration Design and Implementation Services

ClinComTech provides a wide range of services related to Life Sciences Medical and Commercial Cloud Technologies, specializing in integrations on Life Sciences cloud technology such as Veeva CRM, Medical CRM, IQVIA OCE, Vault, ComplianceWire, AWS and many more.

HCPPortals.com KnowledgeBase

HCPPortals.com KnowledgeBase is a knowledgebase technology designed specifically for the needs of the Life Sciences. HCPPortals.com KnowledgeBase leverages the HCPPortals.com platform to provide Medical Affairs, Medical Information and other business units with the tools to deliver compliant educational content to Healthcare Providers.

HCPPortals.com Medical Education & Event Portals

The HCPPortals.com Medical Education and Event Portal Network provides HCPs with the tools to organize, manage and engage all of their educational resources and events from a single interface. For Life Sciences organizations, the portals provide a way to deliver educational tracts to speakers and representatives using IVAs and media drawn from regulated content management systems, ensuring compliance.

ClinComTech specializes in providing cloud technology consulting for Life Sciences organizations moving from clinical to early commercialization phases.

About Us

ClinComTech specializes in providing cloud technology consulting to Life Sciences organizations for road-map development, procurement support, professional and managed services.

Our team has direct, hands-on, experience in every aspect of Life Sciences Cloud Technology from planning to procurement, implementation and ongoing support, specializing in Veeva, IQVIA & Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies.

In addition to Cloud technology services, we implement the HCPPortals.com Medical Education Portal network which has been used to support more than 150,000 virtual learning engagements with HCPs. We also publish the HCPPortals.com KnowledgeBase.

  • HCPPortals.com Medical Education and Event Portals

  • HCPPortals.com KnowledgeBase

  • iVA Technical Development

  • Veeva CRM Professional and Managed Services

  • Medical CRM

  • Veeva CLM


  • Vault Promomats & Medcomms

HCPPortals.com KnowledgeBase is being deployed by Medical Affairs and Medical Info groups across the industry to support data-driven knowledge management and HCP specific medical education.

HCPPortals.com KnowledgeBase

HCPPortals.com KnowledgeBase is designed to help Medical Affairs and Information groups build comprehensive content repositories for use in call centers, med info requests and inquiries. Unique features of the KnowledgeBase include integrations to a wide range of regulated content management systems such as Veeva Vault Promomats and Medcomms, as well Sharepoint, MasterControl and more for seamless content aggregation. Integrations to frequently used CRMs and Case Management systems such as Salesforce, Veeva CRM and IQVIA OCE provide comprehensive content engagement metrics and easy attachment to critical tracking records.

HCPPortals.com Speaker and In-Service Compliance Training Platforms

With more than 6,000 Medical Events currently listed in the HCPPortals.com directory, hundreds of portals launched and more than 150,000 virtual learning engagements with HCPs delivered, the HCPPortals.com network is a proven resource. The digital platform provides HCPs with the ability to assemble educational materials from a wide range of content repositories into a single interface while providing individual events, educational courses, CME courses and Life Sciences organizations with individually controlled and integrated portals for communications.

Life Sciences Integration Services

Life Sciences Cloud Technology has grown over the last decade to encompass a wide range of capabilities designed to meet many different needs. ClinComTech has delivered on global integrations projects for top pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies on the following technologies:

  1. Medical CRM
  2. Commercial CRM (Veeva, IQVIA OCE, Salesforce)
  3. Regulated Content Management (Vault RIM, Promomats, MedComms, eTMF, MasterControl, ComplianceWire)
  4. Closed Loop Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Medical Education and Medical Info Content Management
  7. Master Data Management
  8. Case and Medical Inquiry Management
  9. Third Party Data Integrations

HCPPortals.com Medical Education Portals have been deployed to support Medical Education programs for global brands, reaching tens of thousands of Healthcare Providers (HCPs).